What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is a none surgical solution to hair loss. We use a specialised technique to cover bald scalp surfaces, placing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, replicating hair follicles to create a fine natural impression of a shaved head or adding density to thinning hair.

Are the results permanent?
Yes! The results are permanent, in order to keep you looking your best touch ups are recommended every 3-4 years. Results can last longer and vary amongst individuals with your lifestyle and immune system.
How will I look after my 1st treatment session?
You will see instant results on areas treated, just like you have more hair follicles on your head. The 1st session is an initial build up for the remaining sessions to achieve desired results. Our clients are smiling rite away.
Is SMP the same as a tattoo?
No. Although SMP can be known as a hair tattoo, it is not! Completely different equipment, needles, pigments and techniques are carried out by professionally trained and certified technicians to perform SMP.


How long will treatment take and how many sessions?
Your quote is inclusive of 3 SMP sessions, spread across 3 intervals to achieve best results. For example; 1st treatment may take 2-5 hours, 2nd treatment after 7 to 10 day interval 2-5 hours and 3rd treatment after 1 month 2-4 hours.
How will my hair line be created?
We work with our clients to best advise on defining a suitable hair line with age and facial shape. Some clients like a natural hair line, some want the youthful sharp defined barber shop style, and some wanting a slightly matured receding look. Don’t worry, we will illustrate the design first, which ever you wish for we can create and refine over the 3 sessions to achieve your desired look. It’s certainly a win, hair line gains.
How will you match my hair colour?
We cater for all colours, using the initial session to match your current hair colour. Over the remaining sessions we will be able to see how the colour has settled, go darker and blend in further if necessary to complete the treatment with awesome natural looking results.
How real will it look?
Whether you require SMP to give you the full appearance of a shaven head to better frame your face or add density to your thinning hair, the look will be undetectably natural.
Is the treatment safe?
Be assured the treatment is certainly safe. We are a fully registered, licensed and qualified clinic to provide the highest industry standards of treatment and hygiene control within a clean sterile environment.
Will the treatment hurt?
From our client’s feedback, the honest answer is more of a discomfort. Pain is subjective and only discomfort in particular areas of thinner scalps and scar tissue. We advise to use moisturizing lotions on your scalp which softens the skin to make the experience painless as possible. The joy of results will certainly outweigh.


Can I work out, use gyms and play intense sports?
First 4 days after each treatment session you must strictly avoid sweating for best treatment results. Day 5 onwards you can continue with physical activities but limiting yourself not to sweat excessively for 10 days.
Will my scalp look red?
The redness can disappear on the same day, next day or in some cases a couple of days. Every client is different with their skin condition and complexity. It’s certainly nothing to worry about.
Is there flexibility on treatment times?
We understand some people would like to undertake treatment whilst being discreet and require flexibility. We work with our clients to book around their life styles, whether early mornings or late evenings, no problem!


Are consultations free?
Yes! absolutely free. You are welcome to come visit our clinic by booking a consultation. A lot of our clients send in their pictures to get a quote to get going rite away.
Is payment in full up front?
No! We require a £300 none refundable deposit to secure your booking which then is followed by 3 split payments over the 3 treatment sessions
Am I getting a good price for SMP?
100% you are priced fairly and competitive to any SMP provider. Our aim is to provide SMP to those who may struggle to afford solutions for hair loss. Smart SMP leads by expertise and is a premier clinic in the Industry, we want to be part of the journey to make you look good, feel good.
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