The worlds fastest growing hair loss solution, scalp micropigmentation has become the treatment of choice for men and women who are experiencing thinning hair, mild hairline recession and even total baldness. Non-invasive and requiring no pills, potions, cover-ups or surgery, scalp micropigmentation provides 100% guaranteed, instantaneous results.

The treatment itself is a highly specialised form of micro-tattooing. Thousands of tiny pigment deposits are made in the upper dermis, each one replicating an individual shaven hair. When the treatment is complete, an illusion of a full head of shaven hair is created, virtually undetectable and completely natural-looking. For our female clients, or men who do not wish to shave, scalp micropigmentation provides the illusion of density, by reducing the contrast between the skin on the scalp and the remaining hair. This treatment option is also commonly used to camouflage scars from hair transplant surgery, and the symptoms of alopecia.


At Appear Natural, your treatment will be completed over 3 sessions. This enables each pigment layer to heal and settle before applying the next. This is the optimal way to perform scalp micropigmentation and produces the most natural looking results.Each treatment session takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete, and is generally a very comfortable process. Some clients experience a little discomfort, although this is rare and subsides more or less immediately after the session is finished. Your scalp takes 4-5 days to heal, and a further 2-3 days for the pigments to settle and soften.Most clients require top-up sessions every 3-4 years. The duration of your treatment result depends on many factors including your skin type, immune response, your lifestyle and how closely you follow our aftercare guidelines. Generally speaking, you just need to moisturise your scalp daily, take adequate precautions in the sun and avoid the use of skin products containing high levels of alcohol. Aside from these requirements, scalp micropigmentation is virtually maintenance-free.

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